“Escape the Doldrums” by NY’s Jeff Anthony

“It’s not like a surfer to just sit around when opportunity presents itself. A ridiculously long flat spell during the heart of hurricane season might not sound like an opportunity, but it was. It was a chance to escape the doldrums and find our sanity again.
It’s a gamble to head to Central America in October but it was a gamble worth taking. I linked up with NY cousins Will and Ian Skudin and South Carolina’s Quinn Knight. It wasn’t long after we arrived that we found everything we were looking for. We even picked up a random Aussie along the way. Melbourne’s Harley Rubinstein added an air of sarcasm that made us NYers feel right at home. With a good crew, minimal camera gear and zero expectations it’s shocking what you can accomplish. If there are any doubts that this was an opportunity wasted just have a look at the photographic evidence below.” Jeff Anthony