Indo,Time to Go (part 2)

There comes a moment in the year as a NY surfer when it’s time to just drop everything and go ! It is easy to get caught up in life’s endeavors; It seems like when things are busy they just get busier. When flat spells are so long that your golf game becomes your focus and your six pack abs turn into a 12-pack of beer. And then you get home from a long day, just to go online and see your friends’ Facebook pages filled with surf trip photos. As you click through them your mind starts battling with itself. You want to be happy and stoked for your friends but deep inside you can feel the knife cutting into your surf soul. No matter who your are, I know we have all experienced this feeling. And that’s when you know it’s time to GO !!

A second batch of New Yorkers set off to Indo to rack up as much stoke as possible to carry them through the summer flats. Nick Joeckel, Kevin Becker, Patrick Havlik, Tyler Maguire and John Wade Hennings landed just in time for one of the best swells of the year so far. As fellow New Yorkers Leif Engstrom, TJ Gumiela, Jeff Anthony, Thor Larson,Billy SmithThomas Colla and Alex Fawess moved their way down the coast for some rippable waves to improve there air game, Nick and the boys scored 10 foot Ulus, fresh off the plane. Getting on it early to avoid the crowds, by ten o’clock Zooluwatu was in full form (as crowded as it gets). A quick motorbike ride to some of the lesser known spots outside of Ulus offered empty overhead skate parks and shacks. Tom Ellis is a straight legend, logging long hours of filming/shooting the crew on the other side of the world and passing it along the NYSEA wire to help inspire the next crew.

Talking about next crew. The wizard himself Matt Clark and a 3rd batch of NY crew will be flying out in a week to embark on a Meleuca boat trip to the Mentawai Islands. Stay tuned for more photos and updates of the pillage and plunder in Indo !

Check out the Gallery below, shots by Tom Ellis

Additional shots by Eric Proost