NY’s Kurt Rist XXL Entry !

NY’s Kurt Rist with his first and definitely not last Billabong XXL Big Wave Entry. Congrats brother ! It is a huge accomplishment and we could not be more proud. Kurt now joins a small list of fellow New York surfers to ever to be entered into the contest ! Also Congrats to NY’s Dylan Stott for placing him into this monster, epic driving!! Great team work boys !!

NYSEA asked Kurt about his entry .

NYSEA– Yea Kurt congrats man ! Whats your thoughts 0n your XXL entry wave?

Kurt– “its not a 100 footer and I didnt paddle into it, but still stoked to have an entry for Biggest Wave Award !”

NYSEA– We are amped for you, now go get some more !

Kurt- “on it !”

Check out the XXL website  HERE