Nelscott Reef Big Wave Contest (surfline shots and more)

The boys got a couple shots on Surfline, check out full surfline story  HERE

More shots from the event below. All shots by Doug Falter

Cliff Skudin and Will Skudin missed out of advancing by one place in the Nelscott big wave contest. They both got some insane waves and from what we heard it was as close as it gets. Also NY’s Paul Watterau put it all on the line as well but also just fell short. New Yorkers rebound thats what we are good at. Cant wait for the next event !

Special Thanks to, Big Wave AddictsEric Akiskalian, Keith Galbraith, Ryan Hawlhins and Nathan Muti for setting up the NYSEA crew with the full set up,  truck, jet ski and more, so epic ! Also thanks to Jon Forse and Gary Linden for getting this event off the ground. Stoked to see the boys in the Big Wave World Tour !