Celtic Beast Awakens

When most New York surfers plan a winter trip or pick a place to call their home away from home, it is normally somewhere south or west, places like Hawaii, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, California, some place away from the cold and inconsistent surf.

For NY’s Dylan Stott and Kurt Risk, it’s fair to say they march to the beat of their own drum, a Celtic one with some bagpipes too. These two guys head to the cold heavy waters of Ireland and patiently wait out some of the biggest swells in the world. You cant just go to Ireland, paddle out and get the waves these guys are getting. It takes years of experience, wave knowledge and dialing in your equipment. We are not just talking about a wetsuit and board here. We mean hiking gear, jet skis, helmets, life vests, rescue and life saving equipment, and yes, boards. Lots of boards, of every size. This is not just a surf trip, it is a life sacrifice. Both Dylan and Kurt teach surfing in their hometown in NY all summer, then they head east over the Atlantic in the fall to wait on the Celtic beast to awaken !  One of the cleanest and biggest swells of the year just came through. From what we’ve heard and seen, it looked like they opened 2013 with a couple of dream sessions. Raising the bar and pushing the limits.

NYSEA caught up with them for a little chat after the swell.

NYSEA– You and Kurt have a great friendship, how does that carry into the surf?

Dylan – Kurt is like a brother to me. He’s a couple years younger and we’ve had a friendly rivalry going for years now. This session was special. We have come far since I was the lifeguard at the local beach and Kurt was a punk grom… it’s sessions like this that allows us to see how far we can go.

NYSEA– You have come a long way from the small NY waves you grew up on. How special are sessions like this to you?

Kurt–  I grew up surfing little square tubes my whole life in NY, now I’m actually surfing big square tubes here in Ireland, and it’s just a dream come true !

NYSEA– Right on boys, we are stoked you are healthy and happy, looks like the swell models are even bigger next week. We are proud of and stoked for you guys. Good luck next swell, keep us posted. GodSpeed !


All Shots by Dermot O’Mahony

“It was a previlage to watch some big barrells get caught by those both paddling and towing! The wipeouts didn’t make for bad entertainment either!”Dermot O’Mahony


Dylan racing a thick one

Kurt dream view

Dylan setting a high line to make this beast

Kurt getting spit out of the Guinness factory !

Dylan on a set wave and as deep as it gets

Kurt getting ready to hit the gas