Blake Jones Wins the NY UnsOund Surf “Right Coast Cup” sponsored by Quiksilver

UnsOund Surf  “RIGHT COAST CUP” sponsored by Quiksilver!

Sept 5th-9th, 2012 – National Beach, LB, NY!
Congrats to Blake Jones Winning the UnsOund Surf “Right Coast Cup” sponsored by Quiksilver!  Congrats to Balaram Stack making the Semi-Finals(top placing New Yorker of the event) Also  Tripoli Patterson and Leif Engstrom held it down for NY as well making the final day. Epic Waves for this event. It couldnt have run any better. Great job all around ! Thanks again Mike Nelson and Dave Juan for bringing the show and waves to town ! EPIC !! All Shots below by NY’s  Shaun Cleary    Special Thanks to NYSEA Crew Etan BlattBrian Adam and Thor Larson for helping shoot the event !