NY surf editor Etan Blatt and Leif Engstrom on to the next big project !

After NYsea got an all-NY crew together to help Leif Engstrom place top 5 in the world in innersection.tv video contest, world renowned surf producers Nathan Myers and Taylor Steele have made NYsea the go-to production company in NY. NY surf editor/producer Etan Blatt has been staying busy looking for the next project to crush, and when he got the call he took on this project and killed it! Driving to Montauk at 4am and shooting Leif from sunrise to past sunset, surfing with fellow NYer Tyler Maguire all morning then meeting up with Tj Gumiela andWill Skudin for some afternoon tow-ats, then hitting the city !! It was a full day of NY surf searching and cruising! None of these opportunities could have happened without team work, and thats what NYsea stands for. Congrats Etan and Leif ! Helping make individuals, but never losing site of the NYsea family!! Also photography from NY’s  James Katsipis !