Round 2, Judges Panel!

Thank you to all the photographers who have shared their photos and the stories behind them. It is your love and passion that has made the Cold Shot a testament to the dedication it takes to be a New York and New Jersey surfer and photographer.

Round 2 will be judged by our world class panel of cold water photographers and watermen: Chris Burked, Grant Ellis, Jason Murray, CJ Hobgood, Taylor Steele, Todd Glaser and our Clifbar Guest Judge to be announced this week!

Congratulations To Our Finalists


In no particular order: Ryan Mack, David Nilson, Jake Krum, Even Conway, Ben Currie, Mike Nelson, Roland Mounier, Dan Przygocki, Shawn Casey, Tim Torchia and Jason Belsky. 


Check out their photos below with surfers names!

Empty Wave

In no particular order:  Teddy Reinhard, Brendan Dempsey, Ryan Kain, Jake Krum, Joe O’Connor, Brian Shannon, Matt Clark, James Parascandola, Roland Mounier, Ryan Moore, Mike Nelson, Neal Campbell, Even Conway and Mary Dunham.

Check out the photos below!