A NY / NJ Surf Photo Contest
$3,000 in Prize Money  
Contest Location: Coast of NY & NJ!  
**Contest Period: 01/23/17 – 04/23/17**  
Two Categories:  Empty Wave & Surfer  

IT’S CHALLENGING SOMETIMES… WELL MOST OF THE TIME, but the adventure’s always worth it. When most people think of the northeast they think of tall buildings, wild parties, and corporate muppets. But to all of us, it’s spitting sand barrels and ice cream headaches from duck diving 8ft sets in 39 degree water. The Northeast creates a special breed of individuals. Those who bear the frigid cold in the winter and flat spells in the summer; seem to gain a special appreciation for surfing and the dedication and commitment that comes with it. The energy unleashed when sea meets city is what bonds the surf culture together here in the northeast. This energy is what we are celebrating by launching the first ever CLIF Bar “Cold Shot Challenge”.

Photos must be taken between January 23 – April 23, 2017**, NO Screen Grabs or Video Frame Grabs. 

3 winners will receive $1,000 each. One winner for the Empty category Photographer and  two winners for the Surfer category, Surfer and Photographer.

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